5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Pre-Owned Boa

Shopping for pre-owned boats in Alexandria, MN can be a fun and exciting experience. As you think of your time on the water, boat shopping becomes the next step in achieving your dream. But, what should you look for as you shop? What questions should you ask? Following are the top five inquiries you should be making as you shop for pre-owned boats in Alexandria, MN.

What are my boating needs?
How do you plan to use your boat? Will you want to spend time cruising peacefully, or will you want high speeds? How many people will you typically have on the boat? Do you want to spend short or long periods of time on the water? Answering these questions will determine what size boat, engine power, weight limits and storage or living space you will need.

Are there signs of damage?
Inspect fiberglass and wooden areas for flexing and cracking. Are the hull, transom and floor solid? Examine metal surfaces for corrosion. Salt water can deteriorate unprotected surfaces quickly. If they have not been properly maintained, these parts can weaken or crack due to corrosion. Look over rigging materials and check for frayed nylon. Also ensure that bulk heads are secure. With time or poor use, these can loosen.

Is the engine oil healthy?
The engine oil should not feel gritty. This indicates the presence of metal filings and serious engine wear. The oil should not be milky either. This means water is getting inside. The cause might be a worn seal or a cracked engine block. If the oil has either of these qualities, make your purchase elsewhere, or at least have a mechanic inspect the boat to determine the cause. You can also ask for documentation of regular maintenance for the boat.

Do all electrical systems work properly?
Check all systems for proper functioning. A single burned-out bulb is not a concern, but multiple issues could indicate faulty wiring or a bad battery. Check the battery water. If it is low, the batteries need to be replaced. A more serious scenario would be engine overheating. Look for signs of this on the engine. If labels have peeled up or wire insulation has melted, it’s likely the engine has overheated in the past.

Is the boat clean?
Check seats and carpet for mildew. Mold spreads quickly and can cause problems beyond aesthetics. It can weaken materials and cause health concerns. Look at the engine. A clean engine is a sign of good maintenance. The overall appearance of the boat, both inside and out, are also good indicators of how well the boat was maintained by its previous owner. If it looks trashed, you’ll want to pass.
Armed with the right knowledge, boat shoppers can successfully choose the best boat for their needs. Asking the right questions enables buyers to shop for pre-owned boats in Alexandria, MN with confidence. The knowledgeable staff at Alex Auto & Marine LLC is available to answer any of your questions and help you get behind the wheel of your dream boat today.

Benefits of Working with a Used Car Dealer in Alex

You’re ready to purchase your next car. A plethora of options awaits you. The process of narrowing down your choices starts with where you purchase the car. Will you buy from a private owner or a used car dealer in Alexandria, MN? As you make your decision, consider the following advantages of purchasing from a vehicle dealer:

  • Financing options: Financing a used car is not as easy as financing a new one. Interest rates can be higher. Not every bank will finance sales made through individuals. They fear potential fraud with private sellers. There can also be concern that the car is a lemon, generating the possibility of the buyer abandoning the loan and sticking the bank with the lemon. Because of these concerns, banks will often only work with reputable dealers. To get the best financing options, buyers should purchase through an established dealership.
  • Taxes: Buying a car from a dealer might save you thousands of dollars. Depending on your local regulations, tax laws can be very advantageous for dealership purchases. Sales tax is often based on the difference between the purchase price of your new car and the trade-in value of your old one. Buyers can take advantage of this perk by purchasing through a dealership where they can trade in their car for funds to put toward the new one.
  • Reputation: What does a private seller have to lose? Once private sellers have sold their car, they have met their goal and move on. This is not the case with a used car dealer in Alexandria, MN. Dealerships have their reputations on the line. Your experience can affect all business moving forward. They have to ensure every customer is satisfied in order to continue running a successful company. This means they will put forth extra effort to make your experience a good one and solve any problems that arise, while sellers probably won’t.
  • Paperwork: No one enjoys the amount of paperwork and hassle that can be part of the car-buying process. When you purchase from a private seller you’re left on your own with titles, registrations and licensing. It can be confusing and extremely time consuming. Fortunately, when buyers purchase a used car through a dealer, the weight of these tasks is taken off their shoulders. The dealer handles all of this for you. What a relief.
  • Warranties: When buying a car from a private owner, the sale is “as is.” However, dealerships can offer warranties. Buyers can have peace of mind as they drive off the lot with their used car. They know they have a warranty that guarantees their protection should any unforeseen problems with the car arise. With a private seller, no protection is provided, and responsibility for repairs lies with the new owner - even the very next day.

Ready to buy?

Take advantage of buyer benefits offered through a dealership. Save time. Save money. Secure peace of mind. Your used car dealer in Alexandria, MN offers a fantastic selection of used cars from which you can choose. Make it a one-stop shop by going to Alex Auto & Marine LLC for your next dealership purchase. Your next car awaits!